Save the date! 🤛

 Belt Promotion will be in December 7th – 11AM – Spruce Grove location.
We will wait for you!


Dear students and parents,
We would like to congratulate you and/or your child on the next step in your journey with us! Your support is very important and fundamental to this success.

Listed below are a few expectations and additional information for our belt promotions:

– Along with a new belt promotion, your child will be expected to adhere to positive behavior and accept the responsibilities that come along with the belt promotion.

– In order to participate in belt promotion it is critical to maintain at least 80% attendance up to the day of the promotion. Should attendance be less than 80%, your child will not be able to attend. (In that case, the fee will be refunded)

Please see the front desk of your location to get the school teachers and parents assessment forms. The deadline for the registration is November 30th.

Best regards,

Rodrigo Resende


Aidan George
Aidan Robbins
Benjamin Crawley
Chance Millar
Charlotte Waterhouse
Declyn Court
Elika Court
Enzo Resende
Erik Soule
Evander Chung
Hugo Rivera
Jaxon Townsend
Jayce White
Jayden Thistle
Jesse Gruger
Kyle Ulch
Makenna Campbell
Max Cooper
Peeta Zieminek
Zoey Ferguson
Aleena Garcia
Arabella Ruysch
Aria Lawson
Austin White
Austin Williams
Ben Greenwood
Cadence Chambers
Colin Zsovak
Edrik Clampitt
Eldan Velante
Gavin Hankey
Hunter Chambers
Jacob Kreller
Jake Wooders
Kale Romanyshyn
Kiera Mjolsness
Kyran Baker
Laura Fokema
Layla Voogd
Liam Balcaceres
Lily Barbeau
Lynkyn Racich
Max Henault
Nicole Retallack
Niko Zuberbuhler
Ronin Garcia
Stephanie Hogan
Tai Charee
Tommy Phujomgito
Trey Charee
Zoey Gignac
Andrew Calci
Christian Velante
David Pedersen
Dreydan Velante
Ethan Flaman
Grayson Gulliver
Hunter Nimrichter
Imran Gil
Jack Jardine
Jacob Bird
Joshua McBride
Kai Fair
Kale Fichtenberg
Kayden Richardson
Keagan Baker
Kenzie Muru
Laird Wooders
Mataija Protasiwich
Mikhail Protasiwich
Miley Jamielson
Mohammad Mian
Morgan Molloy
Nya Mjolsness
Teryn Mitchell
Zachery Bovencamp
Zoltan Butera
Caleb Vogel
Damon Carter
Isabel McBride
Isabella Calci
Jonah Rubin
Liam Bouwsema
Lilah Belyan
Lyle Madsen
Shreya Bhargava
Sophia Garcia
Brennan Groat
Eli Boucher
Julian Southworth
Aiden Letourneau
Romair De La Cruz
Jayden White
Adam Mountain
Alexandra Dvornikova
Angeline Ratcliffe
Alexis Marcotte
Eric Doctor
Logan Boucher
Apostolos Proios
Carter Kelly
Chloe Priest
David Henderson
Dean Chapman
Devin Davis
Emily Brozny
Jordan Currington
Kamil Stepniak
Kevin Arkko
Shaun Reiger
Tess Adams
Brett Archibald
Mostafa Moharran
Paola Zaragoza
Sean Woo
Mary Fox
Caleb Boucher
Cory Brown
Paul L’Heureux
Ryan Fraser
Chad Patrick
Lucas Giovenardi
 BLACK BELT 1 st Degree:
Chris Gignac
Hal MacDonald
Brogan Ratcliffe
Christian Velante
Dreydan Velante
Eldan Velante
Julian Southworth
Ronin Garcia
Sophia Garcia
Kellen Porter
Mataija Protasiwich
Aiden Letourneau
Teryn Mitchell
Theodore Fersovitch
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We are almost there! An other peek on the set up progression at the new school. Schedule will be released this week.

Elite Martial Arts NORTH
12942 St. Albert Trail, North Edmonton

Soft Opening: July 28th, 1pm.
Open for regular classes: July 29th

NEW ACADEMY! Coming soon!⠀

We will wait for you!