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Classes to take in our GYM.

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work out alone or with friends. Our trainers are highly educated and will make sure you give your all.
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It’s easy to find a BJJ leader that is good at BJJ but a lot harder to find one that is deeply and sincerely committed to the growth of the individuals that he is leading. Rodrigo Resende has both and in measures abundant.

Studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rodrigo Resende has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. In the past two years I have massively improved my fitness and made numerous friends. Nothing motivates me to get out and exercise like BJJ does.

I’ve know Sensei Rodrigo for almost two years. He is a great teacher and all kids in class love him. The classes are always fun and exciting. Sensei is very kind and caring towards everyone. He has his own sense of humor and makes everyone laugh. He even has a saying “Lazy people do it twice”.

Learning ju jitsu with sensei Resende has been an awesome experience. He and everyone of his students always goes out of their way to teach me the basics and always show me the upmost patience and respect. Ju jitsu is an amazing workout and is a lot of fun!

I like jujitsu because it is fun! Jujitsu is an awesome martial arts! It makes me feel more confident, and teaches me self control. Jujitsu also teaches how to be respectful, and makes me happy. Sensai Rodrigo is a terrific teacher!!

I am happy to be able to learn BJJ from such a great teacher! Rodrigo cares about his students, and keeps the training fun. Best of all, I am in better shape now than I was 10 years ago.

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